Become a Chief

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Tribe Unity would be nothing without influential experienced people like you! Do you need an engineer tribe? A marketing or PR team? Film crew? Personal assistant or even business partners? We are eager to help you build your project in anyway possible and look forward to helping you succeed.

Our Masterminds hand select Chiefs to ensure that our Tribals are in good hands.  A Mastermind will spend 2 weeks by your side getting to know not only your project but you and your team.  By spending time with you and your team we will be able to match you with the right tribals to fit not only your work but your personality which will ensure long term success for your tribe.  During this time we will be placing well selected Tribals (Interns) into your Tribe.  The Mastermind will be there to not only train the tribals but temporarily run your tribe the way you imagined it to be so instead of adding more responsibilities to your plate YOU ARE GETTING HELP!

Fees and Rules do apply.  However, we are a huge believer of bartering just tell us below what you can offer us in the budget section.

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