Become a Tribal!

Ya’ At ‘ Eeh Tribals! (That’s HEY in Navajo!)

Do you have TRU Talent for something you are passionate about?

BECOME A TRIBAL! Succeed with your passion by using what you were born to love and learning the craft from well known professionals in the entertainment industry. Be a part of a rapid growing movement in the entertainment industry that gives you the opportunity to get behind the scenes of the industry, HANDS ON EXPERIENCE with some of the best in the industry AND get FREE items to help you move forward with your career in the industry of passion.

We teach you to be a leader by being a SMART follower.

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Reach your success by helping others reach theirs!
Get hands on working different events,
Soak in the passion in studios with grammy nominated producers,
See first hand how professional writers do it, work behind the scenes with film professionals,
Pitch in and experience marketing meetings and handling the business aspect of the industry
Build your network by staying in the loop that matters.

YOU DO HAVE WHAT IT TAKES! Simply make the first step by filling out the form below!

**Must have a twitter and facebook** (First Lesson: NETWORKING IS KEY! SO get them if you don’t have it!)

Don’t have one? Just sign up for one and we’ll help you do the rest like get more friends and followers!

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